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Does anybody hunt SGL 057? I saw a camp for sale near there and was wondering if it is worth a closer look. It is just West of the windmills. The closest town I think would be Noxen. Looks like there aren't a lot of camps in that area. might be an advantage. I know some areas of WMU 3B can be really hit or miss as far as deer that's why I ask.
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I grew up on 57 and Red Rock mtn behind the PennyBar in Jamison City...used to hike up the railroad bed to fish Bowman's as it came out of MTn Springs...believe it or not the PA Fish Comm used to stock it along way up...used to fish the Mehoopany on the Forkston side, again 2 mile walk upstream from parking the car...hunted Sommers Brook this year for bear off of the Meat Trail....Hunted bear for like 10 straight years in the 70s and early 80s at Cider Run...great thread, brings back tons on memories of my dad, thank you for this!
25...maybe because of the construction on the creek from the flooding? Lots of heavy equipment up there...but the North branch has always been milky, even when I was a little boy..
I remember hunting Cider Run when the game land road was gated off....parked at the bottom along Bowman's at like 4am....walked all the way to the Cider Run parking area and there was a guy already posted near the road...the hunter had a BROKEN LEG! We started walking in at 4, I have no idea what time this guy must have started, and he was on crutches. I was 13 or 14 at the time, I knew right then, these Noxen bear hunters are crazy!!
AE Archer...if the cabin is near Mehoopany creek...beware of the flood insurance people...i know that some people could not get flood insurance and that's why there are quite a few cabins for the 2011 flood broke the hearts of many, it was brutal.
Colley Tavern....awesome food and cold beers!!! used to love the prime it still good? Ever do the Tombstone and the Lovelton? My cabin is 15 minutes from those 2 spots....
How about this oldie...Tug's Tavern above Chamberlain's Pond in Jenningsville...some great times there..Torchey's saloon in Noxen...what a joint!
I heard that the head of the QDMA in that area was approaching the PGC to try and get doe season suspended on 57 for next year...don't know how it went...
qdma said they want more doe on the mountain....acorn crop is coming back and the forest can handle more deer...think the guys name is Sorber...i read about it in a local newspaper, writer name was Vesnesky
dce...i caught hundreds of trout just down from the bridge were the north and south branch meet....been fishing there since the late 60's! Went to the creek last July...3 evenings in a row and got 10 trout each nite....dont remember the nut job with the gun however... I know what you are talking about..first trout I ever caught was in that hole...My dad caught a 22 inch rainbow in that hole...haven't fished that hole since the late 70' far as the Lovelton..grew up in that bar...remember the stories about the prostitutes from their servicing the hunters on the first day of the rifle season???? I was there 2 weekends you remeber Tug's Tavern?
Dave's a great guy...does all my taxidermy work....The sorber at QBMA is Chip...I think...he is a relation to Dave.
I remember going into the Lovelton to get beer...I was underage...bartender assked to see my drivers license, i gave it to him(i was 19 at the time).I am toast i figured.. He looked at it, said OK and let me buy 2 six packs! In the late 80's and early 90's I heard it was a female only's bar if you know what I mean....Tug's was a great place...closed down in the early 90's...Tug is now dead...
my favorite..and only Torchey's saloon in Noxen story: My dad and I came off of Cider Run from a day of Bear hunting...I think it was the 3rd day...I was probably 14-15ish. Anyway...we were both freezing and my dad wanted a brandy so we stopped in...sat at a small table and noticed 2 guys on the floor going at it pretty good, fists were flying. The grumpy bartender brings my dad a brandy and I had a coke in a bottle that looked to be a hundred years old...we are talking 1974-5 here dad asks the bartender why those guys are fighting....He replies, "They're the Jones boys(I can't recall the name) of them stole the others deer. I don't know why they fight, they both have shot 20 deer apiece." I made the mistake of saying, "But deer season doesn't start till Monday." The bartender looked me over and grinned, "It's always deer season in Noxen!" True story...never went in that place is still there..
what 83 feet long, has 12 teeth, and an IQ of 71?

The potato pancake line at the Noxen Rattlesnake Round-up!
know exactly where it is...i got permission to hunt Bennett's know that farm? Good friend of mine has a place on church know him?
redrock...i bought my ten point from dan ackourey...i miss that place...the Breck i know, his first name is not Dan but his place is definetly on Church Road...I shot alot of buck on the other side of Sharpes Pond...a farmer named Farr gave me, my brother and my dad permission to hunt. The farm is a co-op deal now...
Steve...coming from Laceyville, make a right onto golden hill rd..about 2 miles Bennett's house is on the right...owns practically that whole area including land on Flynn Mtn rd. Tried to go to Breck's cabin the day before rifle...didn't know what cabin was his...all he told me was 1196..heck, there are like 20 cabins of them belong to you?
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