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Does anybody hunt SGL 057? I saw a camp for sale near there and was wondering if it is worth a closer look. It is just West of the windmills. The closest town I think would be Noxen. Looks like there aren't a lot of camps in that area. might be an advantage. I know some areas of WMU 3B can be really hit or miss as far as deer that's why I ask.
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mus42tang said:
Was timber lumber camps over 100 years ago.
The area is laced with dirt roads that are gated by the PGC. The roads are old logging railroad right of ways. The PGC opens some roads during hunting season. It is about as close to "big woods" you will find in NE PA. It reminds me of Maine.

BTW the roads in the game lands are / were owned by one individual. He purchased the old railroad right of ways. He lets the PGC have access to some of the roads.
One more bit of info. The PGC runs a self guided tour each fall. If you want to see what is up there sign up for the tour.
WOL said:
I see native trout in the creek going down to Jamison City.
That is the west branch of Fishing Creek. It is a good trout fishery.
25ftup said:
A couple from Florida bought the Colley and the prime rib is still good.
When did buy it? I have not been in there since spring.
WOL said:
So many good times growing up enjoying Sullivan County.
So many things have changed.
Pa-Guy said:
Is that the one called "SplashDam"
Splash Dam is right off 487 just above the Job Corp Center. You can see it in the winter on the right heading north. I think it is the headwaters of the Mehoopany.
WOL said:
the Mountain Fresh super market on 118.
Did they ever finish that place? It was supposed to be done on Labor Day last year. The last time I was in there it was a mess.
Laporte got 6 inches on Friday.

The temperatures have been cool so the melt will be gradual. If it stays this way it will be good with no flooding.
jimbridger said:
Male / Huckleberry was found and returned tonight at 830. He is resting but doing fine. Waugh!
Good news!
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I was over on Rouses Pond road today. I saw a sign advertising 67 acres and a deep water lake for sale.

Does anyone know anything about the property?
I should have marked it on the GPS. It was about a mile from Dutch Mountain Road on Rouses Pond Road. I'll look at the topo and see if I can find some water in the area.
WOL said:
If it's yours, you could lime and stock if you wanted to.
I wish it were mine. I'm afraid to call and ask what they want.
Here is a photo of the sign.

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jimbridger said:
10K is the new norm. Waugh!
For unimproved land? I thought it was closer to $2000 an acre.

It looks like a nice area but I think it is overpriced.

Thanks for the info and the link.
There is a photo of a note regarding gas rights on the web site but I cannot read most of it because it is distorted.
jimbridger said:
It's definitely overpriced.
I think the prime rib is over priced at Ricketts and yet there I was last night ordering prime rib. Go figger. Waugh!
How was the prime rib? We have not been in there in a few years.
We'll give Central a try. I have never eaten there. Do they have prime rib on any particular night?
You talked me into it. I'll have to lay off the wine. That road over the mountain is bad when your sober.

Thanks! I'll let you know when I get over there.
WOL said:
I was up a couple weeks ago and went to Lake Jean. ......I talked to someone who said there was some water on the side by the beach. I was over by the dam and the boat launch. Looked like the Bonneville Salt Flats.
There is water in the back. I saw guys fishing. I'm thinking there might be a lot of fish concentrated there.

This thread started about 1.5 years ago. Seventy-two pages and it has not been locked and no one has been banned. Is that some kind of record?

And BTW I still have not gotten to the Central Hotel for prime rib.
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