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Does anyone have any insight on the birds in this area? I have permission to hunt a nearby co-op and heard gobbles all through deer season (so much that i started to think the turkey(s) were domestic). I've walked much of the western side of the game land and have never heard so much as a peep. Admittedly, I never really knew what I was looking for in sign, other than tracks and scratching, but still never came across much. I sometimes wonder if what I believe to be scratching was really a squirrels handy work kicking up leaves and debris around the base of trees and all.

This is only my second season and I'm not asking for a place to hunt. Just some insight as to whether it is worth searching further or if I should head north where I've seen birds and had much excitement on opening day last year. And if there are birds, what more should I be looking for outside of scratching, tracks, scat, and feathers? Do I look near water? On top of ridges or in hollows? In open (food plots) or wooded areas ?

Your feedback is much appreciated! The stuff I've picked up from you guys over the past year or two has been invaluable.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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