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Setting in the snow

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So...I wanted to see what everybody is doing...My dad and I run a 12 trap trapline...we were successful ealier in the season with some coon catches and a couple reds...Now in our area we have had about 3-4 inches of snow on the ground...since then we have had fox/coyote work the set but no catches...Some books say to leave the traps covered some say to uncover to where it almost looks like a catch circle...we are using all dirtholes...
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What I do is , I brush the snow away and make it look like some thing has just dug a fresh hole. it really stands out on the white snow. Then add a good squirt of urine , let some of it hit the snow, makes it look like a fox/coyote just peed on it.
Do you then cover your tracks with a brush/rake?
I have one of them 3 prong garden tools that I use to try and break up my tracks. Actually the fox and coyotes are useing my trails in the snow to travel on so I dont think it makes any difference.
Wow...thanks for the picure...just gives me a better idea of what some other guys are doing...we are having trouble in the you all wax your traps...we have in the past but didn't this you think it makes a huge about real strong lures this time of year? Just trying to figure out what we are doing wrong...we have critters in the area
The colder it is the stronger your lures need to be. Out here in MT it gets well below 0 many nights. Lures and urine freeze up and just dont put out much scent. That's one reason to have fresh dirt showing. Sometimes sight is a better attractant when its real cold.
Mike, rip up the area to make it look like a deer or turkeys were feeding in the area and digging down to bare ground for food. Just make a real mess and toss a bunch of dirt ontop the snow.
Inside that mess you can make a big blown out dirthole, a little poke hole, or a flat set. I lean towards the subtle stuff for coyotes and the big stuff for cats and fox. I like to have something skunky in an adjacent poke hole, but my trap guards either bait or gland lures. In other words I like to keep the skunk smell separate from something they might want to eat or dig up.
Don't forget hay sets too.
It works sometimes:

And here's the two reasons why Daddy has no trapping pictures from this year:

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logging road. follow the tracks and find these.i got a mb550 in there now.
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Notice the 45!
Kip Feroce said:
Notice the 45!
Well, they can't pee head on like I can.
Fairchild. Beautiful pictures of both the four legged and two legged ones. What are the names of the little ones?
Kip Feroce said:
Notice the 45!
Great point!
Ain't it about time them girls hit the line with you Fairchild?
I'd kill for only 3-4 inches of snow. Im walking through drifts that are thigh deep and everywhere there's a solid 12"+.
Grandpap trapper said:
Fairchild. Beautiful pictures of both the four legged and two legged ones.
Grandpap trapper said:
What are the names of the little ones?
Morgan and Emma. They are almost 16 months old and already love Daddy's outdoor stuff. They are GLUED to the outdoor channel when deer hunting is on, and both of them say "Phhffff" when asked how a deer goes.
Love them like nothing else.
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