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You can pick up used 1100' and 1187's for much less than $500.

I have an 1100 my step-father bought almost 40 years ago to hunt deer with in Mississippi. Gun still looks and shoots like new. I did have to have the gas seal replaced once about 10 years ago.

I use mine very very little as it doesn't really suite my style of hunting. My gun has a plain fixed full choke.

My biggest complaint is the shear weight of it. If you did more shooting than walking it's a fine, but I'm the other way around. After about a mile or so it carries like a lead pipe. I carried it in a few miles last year on a grass road through the mountains for grouse (just wanted to get it out), and I was about ready to leave it where I turned around.

If you are a guy that will just toss it in the boat for waterfowl or carry it across a field for turkeys as semi auto will serve you fine.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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