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semi auto shotguns

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im hoping in the next couple of weeks to buy a semi auto it will prolly be used what would you guys recemend looking for something that will atleast shoot 3" all the help will be greatfull thanks Eric
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Benelli or any other recoil operated semi IMO.
Not sure how much money your looking to spend.
I have 2 Rem. 1100"s and love them.
Not sure if they make one in 3" but I know you can get
an 11/87 in 3".
If they shoot anything like the 1100 ya can't go wrong.
I recently almost bought a Browning Gold Hunter 3 1/2".
After reading numerous reviews, many complained of
this gun not cycling properly.
So I couldn't warrant shelling out $600.00 for a used gun with that kind of rap.
To get reviews you can Google it.
Just enter the brand, model and type in reviews.
Good Luck
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I have been the owner of a Remington 11-87 for 15+ years and have shoot countless of rounds out of it. I would suggest you look at this gun.


If I were in the market today for a new semi - I would be looking at Benelli or the Beretta's closely. Much more $$ than the Remington, but probably worth it.
You will love having an autoloader! I have owned and used Remingtons, Bennelis, Charles Daly, and a Beretta.

All of them worked just fine.

My favorite is a Benelli M1. It just feels good.

Some people have whined about the Charles Daly, but my own personal experience has been very good. No problems. Cycles everything I put through it just fine. Plus, I have seen them used for us low as around $250.

Good luck in your search.

Bet regards, Glenn
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Mrs Deer Farmer bought me a browing gold 10 gauge (nwtf model ) for her wedding anniversary . Shoots great never had a problem with it cycling , kicks like a 16 gauge .
thanks for all the replys im hopeing to stay under 500 will see what turns up thanks eric
check out the browning maxus i think you will be impressed for the money i think it has the most features i shot one and i own a benelli sbe im now buying a browning maxus
firewacker17 said:
thanks for all the replys im hopeing to stay under 500 will see what turns up thanks eric
Your pretty much looking at a used semi for under $500.00
for under $500 your looking at a few guns. a used 1100 or 1187. a new mossberg 930 3" or 935 3 1/2" or for a little more money a beretta 390 ($600).
Lets face it. You're buying used. You won't find many Brownings(except the old A5's) or any of the "new" style autos for that price. My advice, most any name brand, Win. Rem. Brown., is a good gun(depending on price). I have an 11-87 that the only time it's let me down is when I dropped it in a swamp. The only gun that wouldn't be on a "list" would be the Charles Daly. I know two people that have one and they both love it.

Here's a good idea for you. If you find a gun post up here before you buy it. I can't vouch for everyone, but most of us would give you an honest oppinion of the gun.
thanks for the input im pretty much looking for a A5,935,1187,or a stoeger m2000 or what ever the model # is
Nothing wrong with a Stoeger either..
get an 1100 or 11-87, best autom gas operated no recoil. Only downside is it isn't a light weight in 12 ga.
For the last 15 years I/we have used an 11/87 and that puppy is super reliable. Keep the gas piston clean, change the O-ring yearly, and change the recoil spring about every 5 years IF you use the gun a lot and you will have one of the best autos made. NONE of those things to do is mandatory but it is preventative maintenance. The gun is soft on the shoulder too.
For the last 6 years I have been using a Benelli M-1 and it runs everything I put through it without a hitch. Maintenance is less than the 11-87 because there is no gas piston to keep clean.
Either one would work from clays to geese and would serve you well.
You can get a winchest super x2 through cabela's for $650.
Charles Daly i have one i shoot crows with never let me down been 4 years
You can pick up used 1100' and 1187's for much less than $500.

I have an 1100 my step-father bought almost 40 years ago to hunt deer with in Mississippi. Gun still looks and shoots like new. I did have to have the gas seal replaced once about 10 years ago.

I use mine very very little as it doesn't really suite my style of hunting. My gun has a plain fixed full choke.

My biggest complaint is the shear weight of it. If you did more shooting than walking it's a fine, but I'm the other way around. After about a mile or so it carries like a lead pipe. I carried it in a few miles last year on a grass road through the mountains for grouse (just wanted to get it out), and I was about ready to leave it where I turned around.

If you are a guy that will just toss it in the boat for waterfowl or carry it across a field for turkeys as semi auto will serve you fine.
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I have had a Stoeger 2000 since they first came out. The only problem I ever had was it got dirty out in South Dakota while driving in the back of a truck on dusty roads and got a little Super Black Eagle also got dirty on the same trip and would NOT work. The Stoeger still worked...go figure. I actually think the Stoeger is a better design, keeping the recoil spring under the forearm, instead of the buttstock. Obvioulsy, Benelli thought enough of Stoeger's engineering and their copy of Benelli's rotary bolt design, that instead of suing them, they bought them. (google it)
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