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My wife bought a fabulous mounted Siberian Tiger(endangered)can be seen at under the category of "Safari Jungle" at the huge liquidating sale at National Taxidermy Museum Auction(Lycoming/Potter) a bunch of years ago.

We had an all legal sale/transfer with stamped papers from the PA Game Commission.

Due to a slow-down in her event business we need to sell it(plus othe non endangered mounted animals that we bought there)

<u>But we want to sell it ABSOLUTELY CORRECTLY & LEGALLY ,under the direction/approval of the PA Game Commission</u>.

I tried to get directed to the appropriate person at the Game Commission ,but am not making any head-way.


As a last resort,I'd even use a PA attorney who can expedite this type of work.Know any one???

Thank you

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Call the Bureau of Law Enforcement (now Wildlife Protection) at PHC headquarters and ask for Jason DeCosky, he is in charge of special permits. You will need to get permit to sll the specimen.
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