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We started a "Seedlings for Schools" program two years ago. This spring is our third year. In a nutshell-the PGC Howard Nursery supplies free seedlings to any school in PA for use during earthday/arbor day celebrations around the commonwwealth. Last year we got over 95,000 seedlings into 516 schools buildings in PA. That is just a start. I see this as a great way to get youngsters inovlved in habitat work/giving back to our natural resources at an early age. Funding for shipping is covered by the Wildlife for Everyone Foundation with the major contributors towards this project being Waste Mgmt, USFWS-Partners, and Somerset County Pheasants Forever.

What I need from you folks is help getting the word out. Iformation on the program and order forms are on the PGC website as a quick link in the middle of the page. Please, make copies of the information and get it into the hands of your local schools. Copies can be sent to school with your kids, grand kids, nieces/nephews, neighbor kids, etc. This is not limited to public schools either. Private, parochial, etc. may all participate.

Teachers are supplied with a teachers guide booklet and elementary age students are provided a multiple page student hand out (this is geared at 3rd grade level). Any school, and any grade level can paricipate. We only ask that teachers in a school coordinate so that we ship only one combined shipment to any individual school building-to save on S&H.

Thanks in advance for helping spread the word!
Cliff Guindon
Howard Nursery
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