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Squirrel said:
I am really bad at getting permission. I don't know why. But we have lived here 14 years and I have not once been able to get access at any local farms. Even the co-op's around told me no. I follow all the "tips" guys say. Just doesn't work for me lol.
I have the same problem here in Berks. I am not a "people person" and do not like asking figuring that is why their property is POSTED. I've lived here for 30+ yrs and have only got permission on a few properties that people I knew lived on before(nobody I know has property anymore). In August a few yrs ago I stopped at an old deer damage farm trying to get permission for the 300 plus geese that were in his fields.... NO. 20 yrs back people asked you to kill the geese !!! I dress in street clothes and try early before the seasons. Being as polite as I can only stopping if I see the landowner mucking around the barn or after supper I don't want to take up much of his time. I don't think I look shady LOL.

Back in the day I was content with the crowds - Rifle was a 1st day and maybe the 1st Saturday as guys came back from camp other than those 2 days most deer were off the properties. Archery(less crowed back then)you had oppertunitities .... but with crossbows, in-line - Jr.+Sr. rifle and herd reduction I'm now lucky to see a deer on public lands in my area(during shooting hrs). Yes I have moved out of my favorite areas into a larger area to the N. but it is still within short(2hrs) driving distance to 1/3 of Pa's population.
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