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secong turkey tag

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the hunting digest states that you have until the start of turkey season to purchase a secong gobbler tag. does that mean the youth season or the regular season? is it the same for youth and adults?
i other words if the boy kills one in the youth season can i then purchase him a second tag for the regular season or do i need to get it now?
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Thats a good question. I guess the way i would interpret it would be if your son wants a second tag he should get it by the day before youth season. If you want one you need to get it by the day before reg season. Thats my .02 cents???
If he is on the mentored yoth permit no. Youth Spring Turkey Hunt: April 24, 2010
Statewide. Bearded birds only. Eligible junior hunters only with the required
license and accompanied by an adult as required by law (see License
Information section). Youngsters under 12 participating in the
Mentored Youth Hunting Program. Only one turkey may be taken by
mentored youth hunters. See the Mentored Youth Program section elsewhere
in the Digest
guess i should have been more specific. Junior lic. i know he can get a second tag just wasn't sure of the timing. i'm buying one for him this week anyway just thought i was missing something in the wording in the book. no clear dead line.
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