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Second time shooting-problems big time

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First off yes I read the ignition problems thread on the 2nd page, mine seem to be different. Ok first shot went off no problem, but hit about a foot low and 8 inches to the right. Figured I might have flinched. So I reloaded for a second shot, and thus started the fun. Misfire after misfire . Most times all the pan powder would light, a couple times there was no spark. Cleaning the pan, frizzen and flint seemed to not help. Every shot was at least 2 or 3 misfires. Before every shot I made sure the flash hole was clear and the pan was wiped. Worse yet the accuracy was horrible until I had 3 or 4 shots under my belt. I wanted to experiment with different loads but couldnt get the gun to fire reliably enough. I tried everything, a little pan powder, pan half fill. Nothing seemed to work. Most misfires were the pan powder going off with no firing of the gun. I ran a patch down the barrel a couple of times and it seemed to help slightly, a quick follow up shot wasnt possible. Is it normal for a gun to shoot better dirty? I'm using .490 roundballs with .015 patches. Also I ran an oiled patch down the barrel last time I cleaned it, then before I shot I ran some clean patches down the barrel- I assume the accuracy problems were due to too much oil in the barrel. Might head up to Dixons today to talk to them
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Hmm dont really remember, but I'm really interested in how that peep works.
Ok update. Dixon's drilled out my flash hole and bingo, gun goes off everytime the pan powder goes off. What weird tho is I'm tearing up flints, they are only good for 5 shots are so. The last one started coming apart! Oh well I still cant get these open sights down, cant shoot for crap at 50 yards lol. Practice more tomorrow I guess.
Those guys at Dixon's are good guys. They never have an additude. My brother and I went over there this weekend, and brought over my bro's double barrel .44 cal. pistol..had no nipples..took them 10 min. to find it.

I looked all over the internet for these parts.. not CVA,. Italian.. German..but they finally matched it up..Good Guys there at Dixon's.
It takes a lot of practice and trying different powder loads. I have a .50 long rifle I built and have settled on 65 gr fff, .010 pre-lubed patch and .490 rb. I can hit a small paper plate at 50 yds with it and placement is always the most important aspect. I use fff because I can prime and load from the same horn. Remember that more powder is not always the best load.
Yea I get one more two shots then some fliers, I'm just not used to open sights at all. If I focus on the sight my target is all fuzzy, if i focus on the target I cant even line the sights up. I guess i need a peep sight. I'm gonna shoot it a couple more times then see if I can do anything. If I cant shoot accurately I really dont wanna hunt with it. I might get a peep sometime this summer and see if that helps.
The peep site will definitely help.
have you tried shooting with both eyes open. some of my soldiers have problems shooting and when i told them to try it with both eyes open they shot better with open sights.

i myself shoot all open sights and my bow with both eyes open.

also, your sights should appear a little fuzzy when focused on the target.
only problem is my left eye is dominant and I shoot righty, so with both eyes open I usually see the side of the barrel lol. I just got back from shooting, getting a little better. I'm around the bullseye with all shots. Had a bear of a time getting the first shot to go off. It was like 7 or 8 misfires. After that the gun did great, but man is it hard on flints. 3 or 4 shots and I need to flip it. The difficulty with the first shot worries me, maybe I need to store it outside I dunno. I'll shoot it tomorrow again. If all goes well I might be out saturday
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