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Second Amendment Rally May 24

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Capitol Rotunda, 10 AM.
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Go rally to beg the privileged class to respect your god givin' rights? No thanks, as a Free Man I will take my rights with or without there consent.
No one begs for anything at this rally.

The purpose is to <span style="font-style: italic">remind</span> those holding office, that there are citizens who expect them to uphold the oath they took after being elected, to support our constitutional rights and protections.
A physical show of support for something that people believe in is not begging. It's liberty and freedom at its core; the physical manifestation of peaceful force. Mr. Gandhi understood it and beat down the British Empire with it. It is an advisory to the people in power that they better pay attention.
Thanks for the reminder.
Video of entire rally

A Rally For The 2nd Amendment
Pete my friend, you've served my district as rep. well for 30+ years. But by the "looks" of it, It's time for Sen. Camera.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts