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I started hunting PA Monday and was weathered out, never hearing a bird. On Tuesday I bumped a few birds off the roost walking in...not good! Then at 11:00 I raised a tom and he was coming in good. However, four jakes were out in front of him and surrounded me...the tom held back out of range. They wouldn't leave and I was pinned down, unable to do anything but watch. He left, then they left and all he did was gobble good while checking out. No further action. Wednesday I was on a gobbling bird at first light, got stuck in a bad setup then a hen came along and took him away...that was it for the day. Today I went to a spot and got set up in the dark. I had a bird gobbling to my left and two others out in front of me. I let them know I was there with my trumpet. They got down off the limb and all started coming, along with several hens. I was in a dilemma...who was going to get there first! The one to my left was the winner. A 2 YO...17.5#, 5/8" spurs, 8 1/4" beard.

Whether I get a turkey, deer, moose or elk I like to take a "As You Found Them" (aka "Untouched") picture.

I've had a very enjoyable spring which included KS, MO, NY..where I live...and PA, where I was born and raised...still feels like home!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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