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SE Region Crappies

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Hi guys: I have a 5 year-old son who is crazy for fishing. I haven't had him out since the summer but I would like to take him out for crappie (or similar) soon. It seems like most of the lakes down here are free of ice. Nearby Springton Reservoir would be ideal except I don't think fishing is permitted anymore.

Could anybody suggest a place to go where we would have a decent shot at crappies casting from shore? I am thinking maybe Ontelaunee bit it is a bit of a long ride and I am not sure if the crappies are near shore this time of year. Thanks
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Rick's Bait and Tackle....great shop and not far from my childhood home.

Man, I haven't fished Ontelaunee and YEARS. We used to haul a lot of crappies out of there, then it got overfished and was kind of pointless for a while. I've never gone back, but I should.
Yeah, I know Rick's closed. Was pretty much inevitable when it relocated a while back. Was a neat shop, though. Sure miss the old shop in the original building. Walked in and all you could smell were twisters and other soft lures.....creaky floor boards....was a pretty cool shop. I'm assuming Russ's up in Pricetown closed, too...? I haven't been out there in YEARS.
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