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Screwed up

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I threw out some ztraps yesterday as I figured the coons would move last night. I attach my traps to a 6' cable with adjustable loops on both ends. The one end is connected to the trap with a j-hook. Apparently I didn't squash the j-hook completely shut (probably in a hurry) and today when I checked the first pair of traps one was gone. The cable is still there but the trap is gone. I feel like crap, losing the trap is bad enough but now there's a coon running around with a ztrap on its paw.

Of course now the cold weather is moving in so I suspect they'll hole up but I'm going to put a few more sets in the area with plenty of food and hope to catch it again for it's sake.

Time to re-check all of these connections even though I was sure they were put together well before.
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That's a tough one, no one likes the thought of a critter off with a trap on it.
You'll find him though, you know how greedy they are.

I always use a threaded quick link with mine. After having a coon pull an 24" stake out of the ground and halfway up a tree before he got tangled I make sure all my hardware is the strongest I can get. Plus most homeless guys and kids are to dumb to figure out how to get it off.
I remember many years ago old Uncle George set his trap, he only had one, a #1 longspring, for a rat Aunt Carrie saw outback. Afraid the rat was going to gnaw its way into the shed and dine on chicken feed, Uncle George made like Daniel Boone and set his trap. Now Uncle George wasn't the most savvy trapper, and he fastened his trap by running a, I swear this is true, shoelace from the ring on the trap chain to a wooden stake. The next morning, maybe two mornings later, who knows, a visitor stopped by the house and went to the kitchen to speak with Aunt Carrie. Halfway into the conversation, the visitor remarked to Carrie he noticed they had a new pet. Here a skunk got into George's trap, pulled the shoelace free and went up on their front porch and settled into a corner. George only had one gun, an old break open 12 gauge, so he was forced to do the deed with the tool at hand. That porch did stink.
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Every time I set a trap or cable restraint I try to remember to look at all parts and connections. I know it takes time but I have found mistakes before that would have resulted in the same scenario. I hope you find him!
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