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Saturday 10/14 was my first sit on stand this year. I was granted access to a new property this year and was very excited as there is hard woods and farm. This year there is corn. While scouting I set my stand 40 yards off the corn surrounded by many oaks. I've never seen so many acorns in an area. Back to Saturday....kicked out a few deer on the way in and was settled in a half hour before light. A half hour after light I saw a doe working in front of me crushing the acorns. Another doe showed up and so did the squirrels. At 7:45 I caught movement coming out of the corn and into the timber 80 yards in front of me. He started towards the does and was eating acorns. As the doe made their way towards me, he made a scrape and followed the doe. He was not pushing them but just following. I was able to put 3 points on a side after a few minutes and ranged a spot where I thought he would pass. As he made his way to this spot which was my last lane, he stopped perfectly and I let one fly (7:50am). The sun was in my face and I could not tell if I hit him. When he ran I saw his back was hunched and he only ran 15 yards and then walked out to 60 yards. When he went to bed down I could tell he was hit. I let him lay a few hours as I did not want to push him. When I stalked up to where I last saw him bedded I found him, completely stiff. The shot was pretty far back and feel lucky that he expired and I that I was able recover him. This is my third archery deer, second buck, and largest archery buck. I moved to Cleveland last year, working full time, and taking MBA classes at night so my time is very limited to travel to hunt in 2F. Filling my buck tag on the first hunt of my season in the first hour worked perfectly for this year. My dad and brother were both hunting close and my dad had this buck at 20 yards behind him trashing some brush but could not get a shot. It worked its way to me 20 minutes later. It was great to celebrate with them.
9 Point
32 yard shot
50 yard recovery
18.5" spread

1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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