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Since 1995, the Factoryville Sportsmen’s Club has been holding a Sporting Clays Shoot to raise
funds to provide scholarships for area senior students. This year the shoot is scheduled for
Sunday May 7, 2017.
We will be offering 50 or 100 bird courses, and a meal afterwards. The 50 bird course will
cost $25, including your meal; the 100 bird course will cost $45 including your meal. In both
cases, each shooter will need to provide their own ammo. We look forward to seeing you again
to support our program, do some shooting, enjoy your meal, and visit with fellow shooters. If
you can’t be available for the shoot, please consider sponsoring a shooter ($25 or $45),
sponsoring a shooting station ($25), or just making a donation to help support the Club’s
scholarship program.
Without your support in this event, we would not be able to provide scholarships to the area
senior students. We annually recognize the leadership of a past president, Fred Loch, and
support our right to bear arms, a constitutional right.
Please complete the enclosed registration form and return no later than April 28th, 2017 to:
Factoryville Sportsmen’s Club
PO Box 331
Factoryville, PA. 18419
ATTN: Scholarship Committee
If you are receiving this letter for the first time, you have been identified as a potential supporter
of our program and a sportsman who supports the second amendment: the right to bear arms.
Factoryville Sportsmen’s Club is a non-profit organization an all proceeds go towards providing
academic scholarships for area high school senior students.
Scholarship Committee

Application is on our web site. Factoryville Sportsmen's Club
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