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scan light

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looking for a new scan light. really want to go with a LED light instead of a red filter also don't want to break the bank. what does everyone here suggest?
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I bought a cree headlight off of ebay and put a red filter over it. I thought it was decent until I went hunting with a buddy who uses the xlr 100 kill light a few weeks ago. His blew mine out of the water. I plan on ordering one from Jeremiah on here. He is a forum member. Check him out at boondock outdoors
X2 on the kill light. I read somewhere that white LEDs do not contain much red light so putting a filter over one of them makes a poor light. I know you said you where trying to get away from a filter but just thought I would let everyone know. I say buy a xlr100 or buy a cheap light and buy an xlr100 the first time you see the difference. I am quickly learning to buy good stuff first or buy twice. I am on my third light and it will be my last I have the xlr250 and 100 from boondocks.
Buy a knoxx red dagger, they have two models, tge old one is on clearence for 30$ right now its a red cree light, i used to use it as a gun light before i got my kill light 250 now its my scanner, it exactly like the kill light 100, but half price. i promise youll be impressed. there link is on tge right side of your screen under tge sponsors list, and the company is out of pa. good luck.
I use a head light called The coyote light and a gun mounted Kill light 250. I've been using the kill light 250 for the last few years mounted on my gun and like it, it is a good light but after hunting with a buddy that has the carnivore 5 light on his gun I asked Santa for one and after Christmas that's what I'll be using. I'd post the links for these two lights but big brother will delete since they are not sponsers, and I guess speech really isn't free on here.
EWT XLR100 from boondock outdoors is what I use. Rechargeable 18650 batteries that come with it last a good while. It's a rock solid light. I bought a comparable one from china and its not really comparable. You won't regret the XLR100.
EWT 100 for scanning here is well. I also use the high low module in mine.

Kirk McKendree
thanks for the info everyone
TFC2223X said:
EWT 100 for scanning here is well. I also use the high low module in mine.

Kirk McKendree
Kirk, what is the high/low module? I have 2 kill light 250s but im pretty sure I need a 100 for scanning instead of a 250 from what most guys are saying. Any body else have any experience with the Noxx cree lights mentioned earlier??
If you are looking for a strictly scanning light you need to take a look at the Night Eyes, also a sponsor on here and carried by Boondock. They have 3 modes, high, adjustable form zero to 100 percent, and flash. Completely contained to your head weighing less than a half pound and uses a strap rather than a hat. I would at least look at them before buying.
Thanks, Illhave to check them out as well.
Either the Night Eyes headlamp or the Coyote Light headlamp. I have one of each, they both work very well.
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