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The new language;

Section 1. Section 2307 of Title 34 of the Pennsylvania

7Consolidated Statutes is amended by adding subsections to read:

8§ 2307. Unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife.

9* * *

<span style="text-decoration: underline">10(b.1) Exotic wildlife.--It is unlawful for a person to:

11(1) Hunt, kill or attempt to hunt or kill exotic

12wildlife for a fee or other remuneration. This paragraph

13shall not prohibit the taking of any game or furbearer in its

14wild state or under the authority of a permit issued by the

15commission. This paragraph shall apply to exotic wildlife as

16defined in section 2961 (relating to definitions) if these

17animals were obtained from a zoo.

18(2) Provide any of the animals or categories of animals

19described in paragraph (1) to another person for a fee or

20130SB0542PN0506 -1-
1other remuneration for the purpose of the hunting or killing

2or attempted hunting or killing of those animals.

3* * *

4(e.1) Additional penalties.--In addition to any applicable

5penalties under subsection (e), a violation of subsection (b.1)

6(1) shall be a misdemeanor of the third degree, and a violation

7of subsection (b.1)(2) shall be a misdemeanor of the second



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The co-sponsor memo:


Posted: January 10, 2013 02:14 PM

From: Senator Daylin Leach

To: All Senate members

Subject: Canned Hunting Facilities

I will be re-introducing legislation that would prohibit the procurement of animals from zoos for hunting purposes.

As you may know, canned hunting facilities provide individuals with the opportunity to hunt certain animals in an enclosed or specified area, usually for a fee. Since there are few restrictions regarding this practice, some of the animals that end up at these hunting facilities are obtained from zoos. Due to the fact that many zoo animals become domesticated after spending years in captivity, I believe it is wrong to treat them as game animals.
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