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Savage axis .223 for yotes and chuck

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Anyone have a savage axis in .223 rem that they use for coyotes and ground hogs? How do you like it? what ammo do you use in it? Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.
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I bought a axis in a 7mm-08 for my son this year for deer season was very surprised at how good it shot. We use Remington core lokt 140 gr in it. I personally think for the money you can't go wrong in these guns no matter what caliber I know some will disagree but that's just my 2 cents.
You should look at the Stevens 200 in 223. they are made by savage but its actually a copy of the savage 10 wich is a better gun. The stevens doesnt have an acutrigger, but neither does the axis. The one thing I do not like about the axis is the twisty stock, grab the foreend and move it you will see. Otherwise either will work well but the Stevens 200 is a better gun.
I belive the Stevens is 300$
Built a stevens in 223 and it shoots Hornady 55gr v-max great.

3 shots at 100yrds

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I bought an axis last week and have not shot it yet but the reviews tell the story. It has a stiff trigger, but little to no creep so it isn't unusable and a simple YouTube check and you can cut the trigger pull by at least half with zero expense. The scope it comes with is a cheap Bushnell sharp shooter which isn't the best but would bet it out shoots 99% of all shooters. The gun has a long bolt throw bc they are all built the same to save money. I personally check the Steven and the axis side by side at the same store and simply preferred the axis. IMHO the axis is nicer and much like the scope will out shoot 99% of all shooter, buy it, do a 10 min free trigger job, sale the scope for 40$ and put that towards a new scope.
Got 1 myself, did the youtube trigger job, 5 minutes and a 5th grader could do it. The gun shoots under a inch or just at a inch with numerous cheaper 50 round ammo. Will cut holes if I do my part with Sierra reloads. The clip makes it nice for runnin and gunnin..
Bought my son a .243 youth Axis and it is a great shooter.Came with a Bushnell scope that is fine for deer but would want to upgrade for varmints.It is the camo version and was under 3 bills before taxes.Our stock is not twisty and feels fine.
What happened to Remington as a company. I keep trying to find a Remington to buy and end up with Savages... I wish Remington would step it up...they seem to be in a slump the last few years.
Remington was bought out, and became part of the Freedom Group...hence the bean counters took over and quality went down.

I got a left-handed Axis in 25/06 for $307 out the door at Grice. Can't wait to put my scope on it and shoot it.
Wyotehunter, thats a really nice 200.
Hey guys, Thanks for the help. I traded a guy for one. Was brand new, only a few shot out of it. I took her out today using some herters 62g hp and some privi 75gr hp. It shot both beyond acceptable but it liked the 75gr better. Yes the trigger is stiff. Does anyone have a link to a tutorial or video that they actually used on the trigger? There are a lot of them so I'd like to do one thats tried and true. Thanks for the help guys.
swpa87 said:
Wyotehunter, thats a really nice 200.
Thanks, I built it for groundhogs.
If you google trigger mod on savage axis there are plenty of things that pop up. I got dad one for christmas and it shoots .5 5shot groups with the stiff trigger. This is with reloads. He never had a g-hog predator rifle so now hes setup. I put a nikon bdc scope on it for now.
I used this on

It is super easy. You remove two Allen screws holding the barrel to the stock, pop out 1 pin and trim the spring.

****make sure you have a solid tool to cut the spring it is very hard.
I have a one in 223 and love it , great shooting gun . I did a trigger job on mine also , its right on 4lbs now . Something you can also do is clean the trigger assembly to get all the shavings and crud out by using a polishing wheel or spray it with gun scrubber a few times then relube it . My asix shoots most factory loads very well , from 55gr v-max, z-max , and soft points . I prefer the hornady 55gr soft points .
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