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Savage 10ML-II

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Just bought one of these bad boys in SS/Camo. Anybody else have one? I have a TC Omega that I believe I will sell in it's place.

Any tips from people who have one? I guess the selling feature on it was that you can use smokeless powder.

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I owned 2 10ML-II's. One a Factory Laminated SS and the other a Custom Henry Ball w/3rd pillar added & improved bedding, media blasted bbl etc. Sold both. For an inline...its a TC ProHunter for me. No eroding vent liners to replace, no worry bout blowing sabots in warm weather shooting, no need to electronically weigh charges etc..

Best of luck with your but be sure to shoot the 10 ML before departing with that TC omega!
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Gotchya! Thanks! I had heard about the vent liner. I don't need anything sub moa but I want something dependable though too. Thanks for the insight.

I am a member here too and am starting to hear about things...

Nothing too bad though.

Again, thanks Loggy.
There are some aftermarket ventliners out there which are more hardened and greatly outlast the factory ones.

It is one well made ML.

Best of luck!
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