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Salmon River Report 10/10

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Fished the river today. Started mid river above Sportsman Pool. Saw very few fish moving at first light. Found alittle deeper seam and ended up going 1 for 3. Very few fish around. A ridiculous amount of fishermen. Heard there were more fish down low when I stopped at cleaning station. Crowds were bad so We decided to go over to OZ. Glad we did.
Went to go up by dam and as soon as we started to make our way up the red/light siren came on 🙁. I think a barge was coming up the loch. When the yellow light came on about an hour later we headed up to corner of the dam. Fishing pressure was actually pretty light. The salmon were stacked up like cord wood along the dam. Without exaggerating I must have had 25 fish hooked at least. Landing them was another thing. Not easy getting them in the net in almost waist high fast water but we managed. Hooked a fish almost every cast. Met some other guys from PA and helped them with netting fish.
My buddy managed to take a nice steelhead as well. I saw some dandy browns going out on ropes too. My friends and I ended up bringing eight Salmon home. A good day.
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I was up this past this weekend and also found the fishing tough. . . We managed to get into a tiny push Saturday in the rain at the staircase. We started sat morning up at the oz and I'll tell you what trying to handle those fish in water that deep isn't for this guy. We too had succes against the [censored] hooking at least 50 times between 3 of us but I was the only one who managed to land a fish which really happened by luck. Things don't seem to be what they used to be up there but I found this year better for my group then the past two. Are the salmon always stacked up at the oz? This was my first year fishing it and it provided action when the river was dead. all in all our group of 3 landed 25 fish with myself personally going 8 for 32 but in my defense I was 0 for 8 on Sunday morning because fishing pressure was so heavy battling my fish were near impossible. Boy can them coho fly lol
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