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Safety Zone regulations

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Question about hunting near a camp and how the safety zone impacts hunting near a camp.

I recently acquired permission to hunt waterfowl along the Allegheny River. The owner has a "camp" on this site. There are no other structures within the 150 yard safety zone. (or even close for that matter)

The camp consists of a camper and a small open picnic pavilion.

With permission from the it illegal to hunt waterfowl near this "camp" if it is within the 150 yard limit?
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If you have permission from the owner, you could hunt while standing on the roof of his camper if you wanted. However, just to be on the safe side, I would get the safety zone permission in writing, and keep it with you in case of a WCO check.
Yep...with permission you could use the camper as a blind...the only time the safety zone takes effect is when you do not have permission to hunt inside of the area...

See this is what upsets me. I called the PGC NW Office last night and asked this very question. All I got for an answer was "is the building habitable?"

I said it was a camp...etc. "Is the building habitable?"

I dont know why I even bother calling up there with any questions. I always get stupid answers that are typically misleading or incorrect.

Thanks for the replies guys.
yeah, but is the building habitable?
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