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Lookin for a break from Cabin Fever?? Want to get out and enjoy some good shootin and good food? Want to meet and compete with some of the guys on HPA??

I'm tryin to guage the interest in a little get-together for the HPA crowd!! How many guys(or gals ) might be intersted in smokin some clays to shake the dreaded "Cabin Fever"??

I've spoken to a fella that owns and operates Split Rail sporting clays here in Washington COunty and he can accomodate as many as we can get signed up. Once we figure out if theres any interest and how many shooters we might have , we can talk price and set a date!!

Hopefully we can get some shooters signed up and get out as soon as this weather breaks. Any suggestions or comments are welcome!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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