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Had some time to work on a bench. Drilled leg holes and got legs line up.
Last month I de-barked log...
t IMG_0002.JPG

I cut legs from firewood and drew a 1 1/2" circle for tenion...

then remove material with saw and drawknife...

today I dry fitted legs and cut the level
now alot of sanding and finishing...

I'll post finished bench when completed....

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Thank you.

This is Ash. A friend gave me a few logs.
The tree was killed by the Emerald Ash Bore.
Instead of firewood, I thought I would give this piece new life.
We have about a dozen dead Ash I have to take down this winter.

zimmerstutzen, do that. Rustic bench is sorta easy to put together. The wood knots, grain and imperfections make them one of a kind.
Removing the bark, then sanding...makes one look like a But it's really nature's beauty revealed that most folks overlook.

Some basic skills and tools are needed.
Wood shrinks as it dries.
Make sure your material for legs are dried. If not, they will become loose and wobbly in time.
Bench can be used if not dried. As it dries, it will tighten to leg tendons, and cause no problems.
If all pieces are not dried, they can be used together. Bench & legs will dry together. If joints are tight at the start, there will be no problem with loose legs.
Limb wood has dense growth rings compare to log wood. Limb wood makes strong legs.
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