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Sickners......Red Tops....A Russula.....The name tells you that you should not eat them...Many of the Russula are poison...Russula are the mushroom that break real easy if you squeeze to hard or just drop them on the ground....I know of a few that are edible...However I stay away from them...What if the Sickner turned green from weather..So you think it's the green phase of the Russula but in fact it's the Sickner!!!! See best to stay away from the Russula family.... It's good to know about them though....

Lactarius also many poisonous in this family but a few choice edibles... Lactarius mushrooms...AKA MILKIES.. That is just what they do when you touch them......Again.....I stay away from them since so many are poison..... Remember this never ever eat a Lactarius MILKY mushroom the milks white liquid....That be many of the poison ones....the ones with the white milk.....Now they do say...The Lactarius that milks orange is edible...However when your not sure best to stay away unless you go with someone that knows which Russula's and or which lactarius (milkies) are indeed not poison... Me .....Nope I do not eat the orange milkys either......I never find enough where I live to even make a meal out of them. All I find is the ones that milk WHITE!!!!!!!! AKA Poison White MILKY Lactarius!!!!!!

Curious anyone out there eat any of the ORANGE milking Lactarius????????
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