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Russel City Gun Range

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Does anybody have information about the gun range at Russell City? What are the requirements to join?
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You can only shoot 100 yards there. Must be a member of the HiLa sportsmen. Used to be able to buy memberships at the store. Not sure if you still can. If I was joining a club in that area (for shooting purposes)it would be Ridgway.
I am not knocking the Russell City range. I've shot there many a time and it serves it's purpose. The ranges at Ridgway are just soooooo much nicer. Several different ranges. I think Ridgway is around $25 a year. What really is $25 anymore? From my camp it's not that much further to Ridgway. Granted $5 at R.C. is very cheap, but go and try to ring up those long range silhouettes at Ridgway a couple times and you'll be hooked.
They have all kinds of competition shoots at Ridgway also. I would highly recommend anyone to go and see one of the black powder shoots. It is fascinating to watch those.
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