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Ruger .22/.22 mag Revolver question.

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I have a Ruger revolver that is stamped "new model single six .22 cal" can I buy the .22 mag cylinder to use with it? It only has ".22 cal" stamped on the side in front of the trigger. Thanks!
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According to Rugers the Mag Cyclinder has to be fitted to the gun to make certain it is timed correctly. You would have to send it to them for installation.
According to Ruger's website: There is a New Model Single Six and a New Model Single Six Convertible. However, the website also states that "all .22 caliber models come with two cylinders (one in .22 LR and one in .22 Magnum) for increased versatility."

I'd call Ruger to verify.
Ruger has made the ''new model single six'' with one cylinder or and with 2 through out the years. From what I understand if you want a second cylinder you need to buy one after market then send it to Ruger to fit it. from what I hear it is easier to buy a new gun.
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