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well they are at it again. 6 miles north of kittanning (near baum station) they are doing road work and had the flaggers out . not sure if they will be there flagging or not next week but it was about a 10 minute wait tonight. ill let you guys know later next week what to expect.
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What are they putting in there.I'm always going through there.usually in morning so its not been too bad
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They are straightening out that series of bends. I have gone through there before 8am or after 5pm the past few weeks on about 10 occassions and they weren't even flagging at those times, although the flag sign just went up last week. Anyone going to camp after work next Friday will hopefully be OK.
came thru at 5 today and they were flagging and on my way thru this at 7:30 ish they were set up so maybe they are working 10's and everyone will be ok. just giving a heads up
most of that work is being done off line so the delays shouldnt be very frequent.
there hasn't been any flagging this week but there are jersey barriers and the lanes are narrowed after the big turn at baum. may cause some slow downs Friday when the traffic hits. becareful everyone
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