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I had a very enjoyable hunt last Sunday, I do not have a metal detector yet, so I started where I knew there was some old bottles that I had uncovered while deer hunting. This is private property, the owner is full aware of what I was doing. I'm taking the advise of you guys on here, trying to follow the ediquete, etc.

We started with just some moving a little dirt around , I could tell this was some sort of old "dump", but looks like it was just for glass. It is not a large area, maybe 10' X 10'. Then we started slowly digging and started to find many unboken bottles. I'm sure there is nothing worth anything we found, but I still think it was a nice way to spend a few hours, plus ya never know.

Large alcohol bottle, marked "federal law prohibits resale or reuse of this bottle", after some research, this was on all alcohol bottles for about 25 years after prohibition. Also found a half pint milk bottle, on the bottom said "highland dairies". If i'm not mistaken, that was the diary just to the East of Stottsville, near Coatesville. I remember buying milk there when I was a kid, they sold it in bags then, now it's a appliance store.

Some other bottles had a neat look to them, but nothing too exiting. Will have the MD next time, and look for some other areas not so easily seen, this one was easy.

Looks like I have a old salt shaker as well, but it's really rusted up bad. The small green bottle still have something in it, not sure what, it's about half liquid which I am assuming is water, and some white substance.
Sorry for the small pics, not sure why.

Thanks for all the tips so far.

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