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Sunday, November 8th we will host our annual Fall 3-Bird shoot. The guns du jour will be semi's and pumps.Bit of a twist this time as we have had many requests for more shooting!! We're making this a 150 bird shoot. 15 stations of either 9 or 12 birds per station. For those that never shot a 3-Bird, you will have 3 traps per station. You might have three birds on report, or a single followed by a simo pair, or a simo pair followed by a single, or Dr. Evil's favorite- the "Trimo"- 3 birds in the air at the same time!! Throw in a catered lunch, your choice of pulled pork BBQ or white chicken chili and the cost of the match is $75. $65 without lunch. There is also an optional Lewis Class for $10 separated by pump and semi-auto. The registration form is available at the lodge and on our website (registrations and results page). In order to be assured of lunch your registration must be received by November 6th.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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