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Rio shotshells

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In the STS thread, I've noticed some guys mentioning the Rio shells.

I have never shot Rio, so I looked at their website. I noticed they offer paper hulls. Anyone shoot these? Are they good for reloading? I always loved reloading the old Federal Paper Hulls!!

As for skeet shooting, it doesn't appear Rio offers anything for the skeet shooter. If you take a look at their subguage offerings, you will notice that all three fire at differant velocities. Not something a skeet shooter wants.

In the STST, all subguage offerings in 9-shot are at 1200 fps, which is pretty much the accepted standard for skeet shooting.

Would be nice if Rio standardized their subguage offerings.
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I have use the Rio papers before and they were pretty decent. Never tried reloading them. Rio uses an odd size primer. If you are going to reload them then you need to buy their primers. If I remember correctly they are an oversized primer.
well, that really bites for reloaders!
Yeah, I haven't heard of anyone reloading these, though I suspect that there are some. They are great for the price, especially for those that don't reload.
For what it's worth , the only RIO I have used was in .410 for the kid to shoot with. They worked as well as any other .410 shell but were about 1/2 the cost.
I've used Rio's for years, I'm not a reloader so for me they're well worth the money.
Rio is a nice shell for the $$. You can reload them but you will need either Fiocchi, Rio or Cheddite primers as the primer pocket is slightly larger on Euro shells. US primers MAY work but sometimes they just come loose and either back out or fall out completely. As for wads you could probably use a Fiocchi wad. One of our shooters reloads Fiocchi paper hulls for his black powder shotgun loads and they work very well. BTW, Richland Shooter Supply was selling their Rio Top Sporting for under $50/flat.
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