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Anyone ride Laural Hill trails?

Went there Wednesday but they were closed to ATV's.

I thought they all were open (DCNR Trails)

Went to Michaux instead:

Sorry about the pic, from my cellphone

No one was there...... nice riding...
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nice pic......remember..with the state trails, there are summer use trails, and summer/winter use..always call to make sure winter trails are open prior to making the trek...sometimes the weather has them shut down.

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Do you mean Laurel Hills State Park?

I believe thats only atvs allowed anytime
but I have been known to be wrong before
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I use to go to SSRT, but it seems like there are not really a many trails other than the old train path if that what it was. I see a lot of trails off of that, but I was told they are on private land. I don't want to ride them just because I wont get caught.
During the summer you can ride atv's there for sure. We rode alot this summer there but didn't know it may be closed to atv's in the winter. Didn't know DCNR did that
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