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Riding at ssrt july 17th 18th and 19th

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we have a group ride coming up for a offroad club the weekend of the 18th in july. Me and another member are camping at the trailhead this weekend. the ride is on the 18th. we are leaving the trailhead at 8:30ish. if I know you are coming or on your way then we will wait or come back and pick you up. we are working on building the membership to our offroad club. It was based out of the south central pa area but it is a statewide club. the website is feel free to sign up. we are going to try to do by monthly rides until we get going again. then it might turn out to be monthly rides. to get to the trailhead use this address. you must have a sticker to ride the trail system. you can buy them there or send for one. we will go to the local market via atv to pickup stickers if we need to. any questions ask. feel free to register at the link I provided. limitless offroad is also more then just quads so you guys with 4X4's are welcome to join in also. they ride rausch creek a few times a year when they get people interested.

go to for app forms or more info on the trail system.

this post placed here with permission.
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We'll be up that weekend Ben
I thought that weekend was the weekend you guys were going to west virginia? pm sent then.
Ben, We have a work weekend scheduled for that weekend but I might be able to sneak away on Sunday morning. I'll let you know closer to the time if you should be looking for me.
If I can't ride I might as well come by and catch up a little.
if you want to ride on sunday I am game for that also. I am actually getting there early on friday. around 8ish now. setting up camp. one other guy is showing up with a rzr and then we are heading out exploring. if you want to ride then let me know.
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