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Revolving rifle/shotgun

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I was asked this question a few minutes ago, I don't know how to respond. The Rossi 45LC/.410 revolving rifle ( 5 shot capacity )
Can you legally hunt small game with it loaded with .410 shotshells? If you can, can you load all five cylinders or only three? Insight much appreciated.
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I own one and have hunted sqirrel with it. It comes with a plug that slides into 2 cylinders. Some guys say it's legal some guys say it's not. Still looking for the answer myself. Gun shoots nice, I put a scope on it, nice groups at 50 yards with 45 long colts.
Open cylinder insert plug.

45 cal. rifled barrel centerfire

So I guess the answer is, it's not legal.
So I guess I was legal while squirrel hunting?
It was 410 6 shot If I remember right. Could have been 8. Gun plugged to 3 rounds anyway. Not real good past 25 yards. It's just a fun gun to shoot.
It would be nice to get a definative answer on the gun. I really didn't plan on hunting with it when I bought it, but it would be nice to know for sure if your legal or not if ya do.
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