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Revolving rifle/shotgun

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I was asked this question a few minutes ago, I don't know how to respond. The Rossi 45LC/.410 revolving rifle ( 5 shot capacity )
Can you legally hunt small game with it loaded with .410 shotshells? If you can, can you load all five cylinders or only three? Insight much appreciated.
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Does the gun have to be taken apart to insert and remove the plug?

If it is a rifled barrel and center fire is it required to be under 23 caliber for small game?

The rules say a centerfire rifle or pistol must be under 23 caliber. A Muzzleloader rifle or pistol must be 40 cal or under.

The regulations regulate the firearm to be legal. Switching ammunition doesn't really change the type of firearm.
Sounds like another instance of ignoring the rules to do what they want. Sort of like saying muzzle loaders can use peep sights when the regulation clearly says open sights only.
Bushmaster: The regulation clearly states that centerfire rifles and handguns MUST be 23 caliber or smaller for small game. It is centerfire and it has rifling. Any determination otherwise would be intentionally ignoring the regulation. The 45/410 is just one example of such firearms. The 577 Snider was a center fire rifle made to shoot a 58 caliber bullet, but factory shot loads were also made for it. Same for 44WCF cartridges and 357. The rifle or pistol does not magically lose it's rifling and become something else because a shot cartridge is loaded into it. This same question came up in regard to the 45/410 handguns and smooth bore muzzleloader handguns a few weeks ago.
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