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I just got acquainted with my new crossbow. The big brown truck dropped off my Parker Hurricane crossbow. I opened the box and found that the bow came nicely packed. It was a breeze to assemble.

The camo was perfect and cleanly done. The bow has A4 adjustable stock. perfect for hunting in cold weather and in heavy clothing.

The bow has two adjustable string stops and split limbs with limb vibration dampeners. This bow has sweet lines!

Ok looks don't kill performance dose.... The bow has sweetest trigger in my opinion. Smooth and crisp. advertised speed of 380 fps. IDK how close my bow is shooting I have to get to the club and play with the chronograph, but it is putting the red hot arrows nearly through my 18-1 target.

I chose the illuminated scope(green and red). The scope was clear and made target acquisition easy. I tested the lighted circles and I like the green best for it has fast/easy contrast to my brown 3-d deer target.

now the intangibles that really put me over the top for Parker. Made in america. lifetime warranty,awesome customer support. Come on fall I wlll be ready to help thin the herd in Bucks County
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