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This is confusing....thinking I may have it wrong...when I said yes. (depends on which side of string you are on)

I think I can explain the problem. When I start serving, I split the string on the left side, wrap over and under the string, pushing the spool away from me, over the string. I finish on the right side with the whip finish.
Now the tricky part, when I twist, I do it with my right hand twisting (right side of strng) away from myself at the top of the string. (same direction I wrapped serving)

If I do that with my left hand (left side of string) would be loosening the serving.

Another way to look at it.....take the end where you start by splitting the string. What ever direction you wrapped the serving.....use the opposite direction to twist the string.
I've done this so many times I do it without thinking...but it's still confusing to try to explain it. Sorry for the confusion.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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