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Rep. Martin Causer constituents

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I got a message from Rep. Causer today announcing ESOS had ben cancelled. Here is his message.

In case you were planning to attend, the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg has been canceled. Many vendors have pulled out of the event after organizers announced they would limit the sale and display of certain types of weapons.
As you can see we must educate our legislators. I asked him politely to remove the term "weapons" and replace it with "firearms". It still has yet to be changed. I ask that all of his constituents please politely email him or facebook message him to remove that incorrect term.

Here is my message.

Can you please change the term "weapon" to "firearms". Weapons classify a firearm as one with intent to harm. This is one of the issues Pro-gun advocates must constantly correct. No firearm is a weapon unless used in defense of one's security or for nefarious reasons. Law abiding citizens do not have weapons in their home, they are firearms.
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Spot on
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