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removing rust.........

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I have a 1770 Lancaster I started building before I had to have my brain surgery, it went into storage after oiling the barrel good....but where I got some rust is where I left the clothe swab I used with the oil in the barrel, now I have surface rust where the swab was....what is the best product I can use to remove the rust (no pitting) where I won't be scoring the barrel with steel wool, thx....
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use a steel barrel brush and hoppes should get most of it..
Use 0000 steel wool and oil.It won't scar the bore or hurt the blueing on barrels.
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this barrel is still in the white in the middle of a rifle build, thanks guys
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Is the rust in the breach? If so, is the breach plug installed? If that is the case, don't use a wire brush, use steel wool. The brush has a tendency to hang up when the bristles reverse on the return trip.

Alot of people use a piece of scotch bright pad too.

I know more than a few who thought leaving an oiled patch in the bore would be a good idea. For some reason it draws moisture and more times than not it will result in rust where the patch sits. Live and learn...we all get a dose of it.\

edit...don't wory about scoring the barrel with fine steel wool ect. Alot of times a cut patch is experienced with a new barrel and the recommended cure is to lap it with steel wool..or a piece of scotch bright pad.
If it is light rust, some J&B bore cleaner. A slightly abrasive greasy substance, on a jag will remove some rust.

4 ought (0000) grade steel wool is so fine it usually won't harm the bore.

For something a little more aggressive, the white car polishing compound from the auto supply stores (comes in a flat can like paste wax) on a cleaning patch. (Don't use the red, it is far more abrasive)
Wrap a cleaning brush with 0000 steel wool. Saturate with gun oil - clean away.
x4 on the oil and 0000 steel wool and a gun oil.
Just read this on another site.Seems not too many people ever heard of this.Whether it works i don,t know but some people swear by it and said the barrel looks like it just came from the factory.Anyway here it is.Use feed molasses,not the store bought kind and mix 1:8,i guess thats 1 part feed molasses to 8 parts water.Plug your barrel and fill it with this solution and leave in for a few days then drain.Worth a try because i see nothing that would harm your barrel.
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