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Removing Rust

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What's the best way to remove rust from my flintlock barrel on the outside? There are a couple areas where my barrel sits against the wood stock where some moisture has accumulated.

Is there a certain kind of solvent to use or steps I need to do? I would like to get it taken care of before it gets worse
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Push the pin out to separate the wood stock from the barrel..Go to your local hardware store and get some fine steel wool..Clean any rust off the barrel with steel wool..Whats remaining clean with hoppes bore cleaner or another solvent..Then oil the entire barrel very well..If you have severe rust then take the barrel to a gunsmith to clean it off..Light rust you should be able to get rid of at home..
Use steel wool and gun oil together,scrub it off,then clean the areas with alcohol to get it clean and dry,then put a few coats on Birchwood Casey Perma blue on it till it blends in with the rest of the blueing,after it does ,keep a good coat of gun oil on the barrel.
Rust and firearms I think of WD 40. For another bad metal rusting, I once used naval jelly to rehab the rusted house vents.

Good luck.
steel wool comes in different grades. generally the finest you can get is graded "0000" commonly called "Four ought" Don't use anything coarser than that. If you can't find the fine stuff, most steel wool scouring pads are about "000" and will do. just don't scrub too hard with the scouring pad.
a gunsmith down the road told me to use stainless steel wool, it won't scratch the bluing like regular steel wool. I have used wd-40 on a rag and buffed it off, depending on how big the rust spot is.
Have done what Zimm has suggested many times.Oil and 0000 Steel Wool.
I've successfully used the 0000 steel wool and oil on blued guns. There is also a brass wool made that is a bit less harsh.
I use a product called FLITZ , It comes in a tube just like tooth paste with the same consistancy .It takes a lil elbow grease but it works well ! .
I have used flitz to polish metal. I thought it would remove bluing and browning.
Flitz can be tricky and WILL remove bluing. I use a birchwood casey rust removing cloth. Never can remember the name but its a yellow colored cloth with some type solvent on it. It too will remove bluing if you get too aggressive. Since the inside of the barrel is not blued it works very well to clean up rust in the riflings. I cut it "tight patch size" and use a jag. That and some superfine steel wool can really clean up some big mistakes.
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