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Remington shurshot stock for slug gun?

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Looking at putting a thumbhole style stock on my slug gun. Anyone use a shurshot stock on a Remington 870. Look pretty cool, just wanted if they carry nice.
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i was thinking about doing the same! interested to see what people say!
They carry fine. They shoot even better. I have one on my 20 gauge turkey gun. It really lightened the gun up over the knoxx stock I had on it and helps with recoil though the 20 doesn't kick much as it is. It does have a different drop at the comb than the field stock does though so you may need to shim the stock unless you plan on using a scope or red dot sight.
I'd be using it on a scoped slug gun so it sounds like it may work well.
I ordered mine today.I use my 870 as a slug gun.So I will post pics after I put it on.
Let me know how the install goes.... doesnt look too complicated but ive never taken the forearm off the slide rails.
I have one on my 870 Supermag that does double duty as a slug and turkey gun. Helps A LOT when patterning or sighting in at the range. Installation is really easy as well. You might have to shave a little plastic off the channels of the fore end, but that is easily done. I reccomend the purchase!
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