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Remington Model 1100 help

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Hey everyone. I really need some help on the firearm below. Its what I think is an "older" model 1100. But, thats all I know. I want to put it and an 870 express on the market. But I have no clue as to the age of the 1100 and the value of it as well as what type of recoil system this thing has.
Special model??? I ened up with the two in a lot of guns I just bought from a neighbor. Before I list it, I just want a good starting point. The serial # of the 1100 is M336910V. Thanks for the help in advance. The gun is absolutely perfect, no scratches and the only blueing wear is on the fore-end cap.

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Looks like a different barrel on it. That Model , and I could be wrong, was before rem chokes. Different butt pad on it. Value? What ever you can get off the person want ing to purchase it.
looks like is was built for sporting clays recoil pad is adjustable and a XX-full choke tube
Very nice too
Forgot one thing Remington says they did not need serial numbers until after 1968.Go to remington site and research the number with them.
Almost any 1100 barrel could've been fitted to it, including a later one that accepted choke tubes.

The M prefix would indicate the M1100 was made in 1992. The adjustable butt is either an option or an aftermarket one.

Remington's "numbering system" is incredibly goofy. I've used it to date a few rifles, but one of my M700s that I bought used in 1978, has code stamps on the barrel that make no sense according to the dating info on the Remington Society's site.

As for value, I've never seen any M1100 12ga that wasn't worth at least $350-$400 if in decent condition.
I think the M also means it is a magnum reciever.
The checkering on the stock is not standard grade and it looks like you have engraving on the receiver. I would want to say you may have a target gun, but the comb is too low. Best bet is to take it to a gun shop you trust and have them look at it.
The checkering is a target grade. The choke and butt plate are after marketr. It looks like a Briely tube in the gun. Alot of guys that had the older 1100's had them drilled and tapped for choke tubes rather than carry different barrle's for different clay games. as far as value if you can get $450-500 take it and run as fast as you can. The 1100's were not very reliable on sporting clay courses because of the O rings in the gas system.
WOW!...Thanks guys. Looks like I will be listing it for $350 picked up. Thanks a ton!
That appears to be a Rhino choke tube, missing the color-coded constriction ring, if the barrel is original it's been threaded for tubes. Looks like standard checkering from the 70's to me. That is a Morgan adjustable recoil pad. The 1100 was and is a very reliable hunting/target gun, millions and millions of rounds and thousands of skeet titles went to the 1100 back when they were popular. The O-ring is a non-issue, replace it every 10 thousand shells or so and no problems. This from a 44-year target shooter.
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