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This post is about a neighbor and friend that died a year
ago today, John Lasavage Sr. He was one of the smartest
people I have ever met. He was a great outdoorsman, loved
fishing, hunting, and gardening. I don't think there was a
plant or flower he didn't know of or how to grow it. He
forgot more about fishing than most people will ever even
know. You could ask him about any body of water from Pa to
Canada and he could tell you what's in it and how to fish
it. Fly fishing, spin casting, bait name it,
if you could fish with it he knew how to use it. He caught
or raised his own bait. From panfish on a private pond to
salmon in Oswego NY to catfish on Oneida to stripers on the
Hudson the man truly loved his fishing. He ate everything
he caught or killed. More than once I seen him come home
with a stringer full of 5lbs. bass. He was old school, he
would never tell you where he was going to fish. He always
just smile and say Pond X. He also enjoyed ice fishing. He
loved rabbit hunting, squirrel hunting, and deer hunting.
He hunted in NY and Pa, I don't think a year went by when
he didn't get atleast one deer. His sons are also avid
sportsmen and they were taught by the best of them that's
for sure. He was my neighbor for 20 years, I miss him more
with time. They don't make them like him anymore, but I
will always remember him and all the good times we shared!

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Great tribute to your friend!
Sounds like he left quite a positive impression on you, and probably many others.

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Bcoz, yes he left a positive impression on me and all that
got to know him. It's funny though, as a young guy you
don't think that you leave an impression on your elders but
after he died all his sons, grandsons, and nephews told me
that he talked about me all the time and that I was his
favorite outdoorsmen. It meant alot to hear that, and in a
strange way it all comes full circle...tomorrow I start
teaching his grandson how to fish(he got a late start due
to his dad not being a hunter or fisherman). I just keep
shaking my head and telling him what a shame it is that you
didn't get to learn from your grandfather!

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My dad knew an older gentleman in NW PA that always
killed a deer every year, and a black bear about every
2-3 years. He knew more about hunting and fishing than
anybody I ever met. He would always give advise to
younger guys, but when anyone asked if they could come
with him hunting, he would either not answer or change
the subject.

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He would take you hunting or fishing with him but if he
was going alone he wouldn't tell you where he was going or
where he went after he got back with a bucket full of fish.
Part of the reason he was leary of taking people to his
good private ponds was because he took his son to one of
them and his son started bringing his buddies up there and
he almost lost permission there so you can't blame him.
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