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Rem. 870 ?

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I currently am shooting a 870 with a rifled barrel with a scope mount using the saddle style mounting system.This is my dedicated deer gun I also use it for turkey, I am thinking of having the receiver drilled and tapped to mount the scope. Would I be better off buying a cantilever barrel?What would you do?
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Nice looking setup junior. I think I may go with a cantilever if I can find one at a good price. If not I'm going the drill and tap route. Thanks for the feedback guys.
i'll keep an eye out. there's was one on here the other day for 150. I imagine its the 21" standard cantilever barrel, which is exactley what you want. my barrel is nice, but very expensive and honestly not worth the extra money.
I did get in touch with the guy on here who is selling one. It is floss finish and my gun is matte. I told him I need to think about it. Thanks again.
buy it and paint it with primer. it should match pretty close. lol
I might buy it and get it camo dipped.
it would look realy nice with the whole gun camo dipped.
well Dave, after many of deer encounters in my life, not one has said a word about my gun, so really the barrel wouldnt matter. lol but if you get the whole gun dipped, i wanna see it. im thinking about getting one of my 870's done.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts