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What is a good asking price for the following? Since I can't hunt with a centerfire rifle in MD and don't have a local range to test my loads, I am thinking that it's time to sell my reloading equipment.

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Kit
Lyman Turbo Tumbler
RCBS Powder Trickler
RCBS 300 Win Mag Die Set
Lee .30-06 Springfield Die Set
Lee .30-30 Winchester Die Set
Lee .40 Smith & Wesson Die Set
RCBS Caliper
IMR 3031
IMR 4064
IMR 4831
Large Rifle Primers (~ 2-1/2 packs)
Pistol Primers (1 box)
Hornady FTX 160 GR (30 CAL)
Hornady SST 165 GR (30 CAL)
Hornady 110 GR (30 CAL)
.40 Smith & Wesson Bullets 165 GR FMJ (1,000)

I started doing some reloading while stationed at Fort Sill, but never got to the point where I found the best combinations for my rifles. Some of the stuff is brand new and never used. I also have a couple books, but I need to find them.

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If all is in good to new condition I would think you can expect to get 60-80% of new price. Like selling anything, the lower the price the quicker you'll sell it. You'll likely realize the most by selling items individually, but will take you more time.

Opened powder you'll probably have to sell at a pretty big discount.
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