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Double check the trim length in the reloading manuals, not all of them use the same trim length in their recipes. For example, Hogdon .357 loads use a 1.285 trim length, Hornady 1.28, and Accurate Arms uses 1.290. Found this out when loading some .357 with AA-9. The manual showed a max load of 12.6gr. with a oal of 1.575 using a 180gr. cast performance wfngc. Loaded some up and ended up with a oal of 1.565. Emailed accurate and they said in general they use the max. case length when developing their loads. The rounds shot fine, actually were the most accurate I had out of the ones I was testing. Was getting 1290 fps over the chrony which was about 60fps faster than what was listed in the manual. As usual, if you use the load reduce by 10% and work up. I was using a 6" ruger gp-100.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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