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Rectum removal giggler (gonna tell on myself)

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As a lover of all things that make life easier in the field, I've become a big fan of the Butt Out rectum removal tool. I first thought it was a gimmick, but after seeing a friend get the...butt...out...of a deer in record time, I was sold! It takes the normally annoying and time consuming task of rectum removal down to an extremely fast - literally sub-10 second - exercise in easy field work. It's not much bigger than the average hunting knife, so it's pretty pack-friendly, and I have used it countless times with great results.

Well, something was not going right for me this time. I had a doe down on opening day of muzzleloader season in 2A, and it was time to address the final field dressing task. I pushed the Butt Out into the deer, but was immediately hung up and couldn't insert it any further. Hmmmm...that's strange. I fought and fought with it to no avail. The thing wouldn't go in far enough to grab tissue and get the job done. Then I looked a little more closely and realized what was causing the problem.


Wrong hole.

I promptly put the tool in the correct orifice and went on about my business.
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Ya know, sometimes.... sometimes you are having a real bad day. And on that bad day, you decide to check out HPA. And then you read this... and you laugh. Real Hard.

The only problem is less than five minutes ago I went on a tirade about stupid soldiers and the stupid problems they cause. Now I'm sitting here laughing hysterically. So as if everyone in the office wasn't already questioning my sanity.... Thanks Six-gun. Thanks a lot!
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