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Rechargeable Batteries in Electronic Caller?????

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What are you guys using in your e-callers? I was told to use rechargeable batteries and that they would definately outlast the other batteries. Please let me know. Thanks
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I just ordered Sanyo eneloop (8) AA 2000mAh Pre-Charged NiMH Rechargeable Batteries & Charger

Thanks for your help.
I use Energizer rechargeable batteries in my foxpro, they are 2300mAh and come with a charger. I got them at giant eagle.
I use the Energizer batteries to, work well for me in my foxpro spitfire.
I use Energizers and Rayovac rechargables and they both work well.
Just remember that rechargeable batteries are only 1.2 volts, not 1.5, so you are losing a little voltage initially. You shouldn't have any problems, however, if you purchase good quality batteries. I would also recommend to keep a good set of AA's with your hunting gear anyway, just in case.........

beagler said:
Sanyo Enloops
Get the 2500mah. Amazon has good prices.
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i use the enercell from radio shack. comes with a car charger also.
How well do they work in scanner flashlights? Iv been wondering the same thing. I carry a ziplock with batteries it gets exspensive.
the enercell last about 4 hours. takes 5 min to recharge with car/home charger. i use them in my call, decoy and scanning light.
I use the Foxpro 2300mAh NiMH batteries, and they are 1.2v. I have an extra set loaded in a battery pack for the call ready to go if I need them, only ever needed them when I forgot to charge between uses. When I first got my fx-3 I used regular alkaline and it ate them up like candy, so I asked around and was advised to go with rechargeables. No problems since.
I've been using the Sanyo Enloops now for a few years and get a fantastic run time (varies with temps). My wife is a professional photographer and runs the Enloops in all of her cameras/flashes as well.
Have always used radio shacks rechargeable. I think they're a good battery for the money.
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