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My recession grass growing

Let's face it. Times changed in the last ten years. And so has my grass growing.
A lot more newbies. And a lot of, if it is green it's good enough to grow in the front yard. Weed or grass !!!
Fortunately I grow stuff other than grass. I grow trees, bushes, rose bushes and flowers, that only need complmenting.
By the time May hits, I've got the grass cutting down to every three weeks.
English style golf fairways go with an "english style" front yard. Besides, I'm probably the only one, with all the newbies, that puts down some weed killer. In the south, it only takes a couple of years for the weeds to take over the grass.
And the new slow grow grass grows a lot slower than weeds. Many are cutting weeds; as long as it's green the newbies are happy. And the neighbors are cutting more often.

Growing recession grass has payed off for me.
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